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AAU Sport is different to what you may be used to. But there are very good reasons for that, and they all relate to helping you be a better sportsman, and getting the opportunities you want for playing at the highest level now, and into the future.

The AAU Difference - It is Real!

The old saying goes that if we do things the way they’ve always been done, we’ll get the results we’ve always got. Change is not a bad thing, and should be expected and embraced to always be focused on best possible outcomes.

The AAU Philosophy - What Drives Us!

The AAU philosophy guides everything we do. They say that the definition of insanity is to continue to do something and expect different results. We believe Australian Youth Sport can do so much good and tough so many lives in a positive way. We want that for all!!


Playing AAU Sports offers you many things that are designed to expand your game and give you the experience of growth and satisfaction from your participation. By adding regular AAU participation to your life, you will be a better sportsman and a better person.


AAU events are open to players and teams from all levels of the game. Club, association, school, private academy or teams of mates all have a place at the AAU. But bring your A-game, as AAU Basketball is an incredible experience.


The AAU is all about opportunities. Opportunities to develop your game, to play the best opposition from all levels, to be seen by coaches who can take you to the next level. But above all, playing AAU basketball is the opportunity to become your best self both on and off the court.


Playing AAU basketball is great for your game. You’ll benefit from exposure no other events or organisation can offer in Australia and New Zealand. Your confidence will soar and motivation to work will never be higher. Your aspirations will drive you to incredible results.