Play with your club, association, school or academy team and compete with some of the best players in Australia over a number of weeks really transform your game. This helps you be a better teammate and get exposed to a range of talent you might not never otherwise see. Get another chance to transform your game in the right direction. Learn the critical skills or life lessons you need the most from those who have been there. You will get more from your career by being coachable and with a thirst to learn. Develop that skill now and take every opportunity given.


AAU tournaments are great test to see where your game is going. It’s also an AAU Australia Talent ID events, so you know International College Recruiting personnel are watching carefully to find the Aussie kids College coaches are screaming for. Our College Recruiting team’s expert eye will be closely looking at you during AAU events, assessing your game and testing performance, while looking for who is ready to get serious about their basketball future, and the pursuit of their USA College dreams, and beyond.


All In Game

You take things to the next level when you work for your goals. Get your team together. Get them training together. Get your coach organized. All this effort is what is required to go. Getting out of your comfort zone is critical to your game and personal development. You’ve got to be ready to perform at your best in every circumstance, not just those you’re comfortable in. High level performance is a skill to be learned by getting involved in events such as AAU Basketball. This is serious college preparation, make no mistake.